Andreas Thalund-Fossen

Andreas has long experience from operative management roles and consulting. He has a systematic, holistic and analytical approach, which is coupled with his drive to realize tangible results .


Andreas has comprehensive international experience having worked for- and in- a number of international companies abroad. He has worked extensively with change management, profit improvement initiatives andturn-around situations, as well as on IT and supplychain topics. His previous positions comprise being board advisor, general manager, procurement director in major restructuring processes, and being an adviser and a driving force for leaders who carry out extensive change processes.


Andreas thrives in managing large and complex operational improvement projects through which he can work closely with the organizations to ensure comprehensive learning, lasting improvements andsignificant change.


He has broad industry experience and has among other things worked within retail, oil and gas, software, telecommunications and finance industries.


 “I am passionate about bringing about change and operational improvements for businesses in demanding situations. As a partner in Ontogeny I look forward to helping such companies.”

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