Bendik Persch Andersen

Bendik holds a Master of Science in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU, specializing in Financial Engineering


Along with his studies, Bendik founded the company Pega Sport AS. Being the managing director of the company, he developed sports equipment which was sold to leading sports stores in Scandinavia. Through this work, he obtained comprehensive experiences  within several fields, ranging from project management to sales, accounting, and investments. Moreover, Bendik is a former professional cross-country skier, giving him valuable insights into the importance of efficient and disciplined working habits. 

«It is with great pleasure that I have now become a part of this team of highly competent and experienced colleagues. In collaboration with my colleagues, I am immensely motivated to do what I can to solve the challenges that our customers are facing, and to make sure that they achieve their full potential in every aspect possible.»

Ontogeny Group AS

Klingenberggata7 B, 0161 Oslo