Ontogeny (biology) - the process of an individual organism growing organically

About us

Ontogeny Group works with businesses that are in the startup-, growth-, expansion-, or maturity phase that need revival and transformation to further expand. The common denominator is change.

We supply power and precision in the expansion and realization of a company’s business model.


Ontogeny Group provides strategic and analytic competency that set the course and provide the basis for an ambitious yet realistic implementation plan. Excellent management skills ensure implementation and progress.

Our core competencies comprise strategy, business development, corporate finance, performance management and turnarounds.


Ontogeny Group’s leadership boasts people with senior management and senior advisor competency, and with documented results from both startups, business in growth phase, and large, mature companies.

Ontogeny Group AS

Klingenberggata7 B, 0161 Oslo